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It's time to step into your next level.


Transitioning from establishing a business to growing and expanding it requires a fresh perspective and renewed strategies. This next-level navigator is designed exclusively for existing business owners eager to amplify their operations, reach, and profits. Over twelve weeks, you'll delve deep into your business's potential, challenge existing paradigms, and sculpt a robust strategy to leap into your next business phase.

Over of 1:1 Coaching Package

  • Over the course of three months, we'll transform your dream into a reality, combining practical business strategies with mindset mastery to empower you for success. This includes 12 weekly, 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to your journey. Sessions include:

  • Diagnostic Deep Dive

    • Gain invaluable insights through a comprehensive review of your business's current landscape. We'll examine every facet, from operational efficiencies to financial health, marketing strategies, and team dynamics, laying the groundwork for strategic interventions and growth acceleration.

  • Identifying Growth Avenues

    • Unlock the hidden potentials and growth opportunities within your business while dissecting the physical and mental barriers hindering your progress. Together, we'll strategize and implement tailored solutions to propel your business forward with confidence and clarity.

  • Overcoming Barriers

    • Dive deep into addressing the barriers impeding your business's growth trajectory. Through targeted discussions and actionable strategies, we'll navigate through challenges such as market saturation, scalability constraints, and operational bottlenecks, paving the way for sustained expansion and innovation.


  • Blueprint for Progress:

    • Craft a robust roadmap for success, outlining strategic initiatives and milestones to propel your business towards its full potential. We'll develop actionable strategies tailored to your unique business landscape, setting the stage for measurable growth and sustainable success.

  • Bonus:

    • In addition to our coaching sessions, you'll receive a curated list of recommended tools and resources designed to augment your journey toward business growth. From cutting-edge software recommendations to insightful reads and resources, these resources will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to overcome any obstacle and seize every opportunity that comes your way.


This program empowers businesses to move beyond their comfort zone, identifying new avenues and addressing barriers head-on. The blend of strategic planning with a focus on mindset ensures businesses are not only equipped with a plan but also the confidence to execute it.


"I appreciate Karen's willingness to challenge me during our sessions while staying compassionate and empathetic. She is a great ally to have in my corner!!"

"Together we uncovered the purpose of my business -  from broad details down to the granular level, Karen really helped me pinpoint my ideal client."

"Coaching with Karen allows me to get the heart of my issues faster than I could on my own."

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